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Group bookings for families, friends, schools, work groups, well-being or activity days. Dates to suit you.

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We offer group bookings to anyone.

Whether it’s a family holiday, a school group, work colleagues, friends, sports clubs or social groups – we can offer a session tailored to your needs on a date & time to suit you.

Our well-being sessions are suitable for any ages and abilities and are created with enjoyment & feel good in mind. Usually based on a 2 hour session they include activities such as a swim/dip/paddle, mini beach clean, sand/pebble art, rock pooling, beach combing, mindfulness activities and camp fire treats.

We can also create any wild swim experience that your group chooses – cave swims, adventures, night swims, skinny dips, sunrise & breakfast, sunset & camp fire, swim treks and swim walks. They can also be tailored to a wide range of ages and abilities. These are usually 2hr or 3 hr sessions but we can offer half or full day sessions.

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These sessions are booked via email. We’ve a wide variety of options to suit all.

Please get in touch to discuss dates, options and prices. Once agreed you can use this tab to pay your £50 deposit to secure your slot.

Phone: Tel 07494 155 762


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