Wild Swimming


Make sure you know how to enjoy swimming safely in winter.

Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting to recap on what they know. With qualified & experienced staff.

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Wild swimming has so many health benefits, both physical & mental but any open water swimming has risks and in winter, these are significantly increased with colder temperatures & wilder weather. Our seas can be beautiful but also unpredictable & dangerous.

There are many groups of friends and like minded people enjoying swimming regularly but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Session includes..

  • What to bring/essential kit
  • How to plan a safe swim
  • How to check for dangers & minimise risk
  • What to do if you get into trouble
  • How to help others
  • Essential post swim info.

Adults only. (12-17yrs may be able to join on request – please get in touch prior to booking).

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Event Details

Learn some basics about safe Wild Swimming and how to choose your venue, and what’s safe and what’s not. Learn about tides, how to check conditions, how to spot dangers, avoid high risks and make the most of swimming safely. Learn what to do if you get into trouble, some vital do’s & don’ts and how to help others without putting yourself into danger.

Our next session - Sunday 5th December Newgale. Waves, surf, currents, rips & undertow. Learn how to read & understand the surf report, understand what makes waves powerful & dangerous and what makes them good fun to play in. Learn to spot a rip, avoid them and what to do if you’re caught in one.


Directions: Directions & where to meet will be sent 24hrs prior to your session. If you book less than 24hrs from the start, please call us so we can get the information to you.

Phone: Tel 07494 155 762


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