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A whole day of wild swim adventures!

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Join us for a whole day of wild swim adventures!
We will choose the best activities to suit the conditions on the day but it will include 5-6hrs of activities.

It could include

  • Mini or Easy swim trek 500m-1km, approx 45-60 mins swim time no wetsuits needed but they are encouraged. (Some sizes for hire @£3 each).
  • Cave swim – not a huge distance, some very close to where we get in, some a short swim. Mostly in deep water throughout.
  • Snorkel Safari – can be deep or shallow depending on group preference or ability.
  • Sunrise/sunset – sunrise & Breakfast on the beach or sunset with campfire snacks
  • Night swim – under the stars, moon and sometimes with sparkles from bioluminescence.
  • Rocky shores well-being – with strand line and Rockpool treasure hunts for all sorts of interesting species.
  • Well-being session – can include rocky shores, sand/beach/pebble art/craft, campfire & snacks, and obviously a swim/dip/paddle.


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Our exact itinerary will be announced the day before and could be split into a morning and an afternoon/evening/night session.

Directions: Directions & where to meet will be sent 24hrs prior to your session. If you book less than 24hrs from the start, please call us so we can get the information to you.

Phone: Tel 07494 155 762

Email: Info@wildswim.wales

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