Terms & Conditions

Wild Swim Wales Swim Sessions

1. Booking

Please ensure you have read all the conditions of booking as you may not be able to rectify mistakes later.

Full payment is due at the time of booking. Your sessions/experience is not secured until full payment is made. If full payment is not made at the time of booking, your place will not be saved and your booking taken as cancelled by you.

If there is an age criteria it is the bookee’s responsibility to ensure all attendees are within the specified age group. 

2. Inclement weather

We will only cancel sessions/experiences if the weather makes the session too risky to run. These weather conditions can be but are not exclusively, extremely high winds, large swell/surf, water temperatures below 6 degrees celsius, heavy sea mist/fog, electrical storms or after heavy or prolonged rainfall.

We will try to alter venue, reschedule or postpone rather than cancel.

Different venues have different risks so each session/experience will be considered & assessed individually.

3. Changes to itinerary

Due to weather and conditions we may have to change the itinerary for your session/experience. We will try to make as minimal impact as possible and exchange experiences/sessions for similar. All changes will be notified by email with 48+ hrs before the session date, or by telephone using the contact details you have given us for less than 48hrs. Please make sure you check communications to make sure you know of any changes.

4. Cancellations made by us

Occasionally weather, conditions or other reasons may force us to cancel or reschedule sessions/experiences.

We will try to be as accommodating as possible with any rescheduling and refund in full if the alternative doesn’t suit for any reason.

5. Cancellations made by you

Once a booking is made we don’t offer any refunds. Our wonderful staff arrange their other work around our requests and it’s not fair to cancel their hours. In some situations we may be able to offer some sort of reschedule, but this is not normally the case.

6. Block booking

Customers will have an option to block pay for multiple sessions, making them cheaper for regular customers.

They are only for the person who has booked and cannot be swapped to a friend or family member.

All block payments must be used by 31st December in the year they were made. *
They may be transferable to other sessions, please ask.
(* flexibility may be given for regular customers making block payments in autumn/winter).

If you have payed in advance for more than 1 session at a discounted price and want a refund of sessions not yet used, you may do so at any point but all sessions used so far will be charged at the original full price, not the discounted price.

7. Non attendance/Late arrival

If you are late and miss the start, you may not be offered an alternative and may not be able to be included. If you are able to be included, the session may be shorter.

If you are going to be late, please get in touch. If we can wait a little, we will.

If you do not attend, no refund or reschedule option will be given.

8. Health requirements

We will try to be as inclusive as possible and work around any individual needs you may have but we need to make sure everyone understands the risks of cold water swimming. If you have a disability or pre existing medical condition, please get in touch so we can try to accommodate you.

By booking you are confirming you are in good health and have no pre existing medical conditions that have not been divulged prior to booking and you know of no reason why you should not cold/open water swim. If you have a BMI of 25 or greater and/or are 50yrs+, the risk of health complications can be increased and that it is strongly advised you get a check up by your doctor prior to booking.

If you have a history of heart problems, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy or diabetes, or have been told not to exercise by your doctor, or you are pregnant, please seek medical advice before you book.

If you do have a pre existing medical condition, please disclose it prior to booking to ensure you can be included in the experience you wish to book.

During a swim, or experience if you are asked to leave the water for any reason, please do so. Swimming in cold water has significant risk of cold water shock, cold water incapacitation, hypothermia, SIPE and post swim collapse. Our staff & safety crew are trained to spot signs of these conditions and anyone asked to leave the water will be for a valid reason.

9. Equipment

Certain swims will suggest wetsuits but if you choose to swim without one, you need to understand time in the water may be reduced.

Tow floats will be compulsory for most experiences/swims. Hats may be compulsory and colours may be stipulated/not allowed for safety reasons. Footwear in the water may be compulsory for some swim experiences.

Appropriate footwear may be compulsory on some swim walks. Flip flops/crocs or other similar footwear may not be permitted. For some swim walks backpacks may be required.

By booking and attending, you agree that you have read and understood the required/essential kit and suggested kit lists, understand that if you arrive and do not have any item that is compulsory, you may not be allowed to attend and that you will receive no offer to reschedule or be refunded.

10. Personal belongings

You are responsible for all your personal belongings and valuables. We recommend you do not bring items of value.

Phones and car keys can be left in our van, or in our dry bag at your own risk. If you leave belongings in our van, you must be present at the end of the session to retrieve them.

You may choose to use a dry bag or phone case to keep your belongings with you on your swim.

11. Photography, social media, tagging & naming venues

Please ask before using your camera.

Please do not tag, share or divulge our venues.

Wild Swim Wales do not name, tag or share information on the whereabouts of most of our venues. We often use SSSI’s (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and venues that are not suitable for people without a certain level of understanding, competence, confidence and local knowledge. We also need to be respectful of local communities.

Wild Swim Wales offers all sorts of experiences that are risk assessed and offer safety cover to keep everyone safe.

We also are a member of the Outdoor Charter, Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and follow the Pembrokeshire Marine Code to make sure we tread lightly.

The Marine Code protects the amazing marine flora and fauna for which Pembrokeshire is renowned through voluntary codes of conduct and seasonal agreed access restrictions.

12. Post swim drink & snack

We highly recommend or may even insist you have a drink & snack post swim, you need to bring your own except at Wild Lakes as they have a cafe.

By booking with us you acknowledge:

* I am swimming with Wild Swim Wales entirely at my own risk and understand that the operators accept no responsibility for loss or damage to individuals or their property

* I have read, understand and agree to abide by all the terms & conditions for swim sessions by Wild Swim Wales.