Book A Swim


Got a date in mind? Get in touch to organise a session to suit you.


Group bookings for families, friends, schools, work groups, well-being or activity days. Dates to suit you.


A 2 hour safety session.

Suitable for all Open Water & Wild Swimmers.


Caves, sunsets, skinny dips, night swims, sparkle swims, snorkel safaris, sunrises, special days and more! (90-120mins).



Easy, middle or longer distance swims exploring caves, inlets and parts of the coast others rarely see!


90-120 min sessions for all ages & abilities. Come and press your reset button!


A guided walk & swim at a sheltered location.

3hr session.


Making the most of conditions & weather… a 2hr session including a 20-30min swim, dip or paddle.

Regular Swimmers

If you're a regular swimmer with us, take advantage of reduced prices by pre-paying for you swims. You can then book many swims at a reduced rate whenever you want.

Once you've pre-paid, you'll be shown the discount prices above when they're available.