2 smiling friends wearing woolly hats sat on a pebbly beach enjoying a Wild swim & yoga retreat in Pembrokeshire

Swim & yoga
1 day retreat


A whole day of well-being on the Pembrokeshire Coast!

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Our Sea & Soul Wild swim & yoga 1 day wellbeing retreat in Pembrokeshire is whole day for you to recharge, relax & reset, in the UK’s only coastal National Park. This immersive experience offers a unique blend of invigorating wild swimming, grounding yoga sessions, and mindfulness practices to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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Wild swimming

Immerse yourself in the beautiful Pembrokeshire sea. Cold water immersion not only invigorates your senses but also boosts circulation, strengthens your immune system, and releases endorphins, promoting a sense of euphoria and wellbeing. Feel the exhilaration as you connect with the elements and awaken your senses to the beauty of nature.


Yoga & breathwork

Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga session guided by an experienced instructor. Through gentle stretches, breath work, and mindful movement, you can discover a profound sense of inner peace and harmony. Yoga helps you to release tension, improve flexibility, and cultivate mindfulness, allowing you a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.



Throughout the retreat, emphasis is placed on the power of mindfulness practices to enhance mental clarity and emotional resilience. Learn to calm your mind and foster a greater sense of presence and awareness. Cultivate mindfulness as you immerse yourself fully in each moment, letting go of stress and distractions to embrace the beauty of the present.

Lunch, snacks & drinks

Your day will include tasty snacks & refreshing drinks plus a homemade lunch at a local eatery.


In today’s fast-paced world, prioritising your mental wellbeing is essential for overall health and happiness. Taking time for self-care allows you to recharge, reduce stress, and create a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in your life. Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life at our Wild Swim & Yoga 1 day wellbeing retreat in Pembrokeshire.

*Exact itinerary may change due to weather conditions.

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Event Details

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  • Sunday 19th May
  • Thursday 6th June

Where: Based near to Nolton Haven, Pembrokeshire

Cost: Book in April and get early bird prices! £85 weekend or £80 weekday

What's included

  • A morning of exploration & relaxation including 2 beach based sessions.
  • Plenty of snacks mid morning
  • Tasty lunch, hot drinks and cake.

What's not included

  • Transport to beaches/activity venues – you will need to drive to our venues each session. We have so many stunning locations to choose from and will try to keep the travelling time within 30 mins of Nolton Haven Beach.
  • Car parking charges at various venues. (Usually no more than £5 per venue).


Do I need to be experienced? A good swimmer? Able to do yoga?
No! This retreat is for all abilities and suitable for complete beginners. There will be options to do varying abilities of most activities. We guide everyone through, ensuring everyone is taking part at a level that suits them.

Do I need to be fit?
No. All our activities are fairly gentle. You swim at your own pace, or paddle or dip. We walk at the speed of the slowest person and allow plenty of rest stops and a chance to take in the beautiful views. The walks to any of our swims are likely to be about 1 mile max and could include some steep hills but we allow plenty of time for people to go at their own pace.

Can I still attend if I have some limitations on my ability to join in all activities?
Yes! Please get in touch to chat if you have any conditions, additional needs or accessibility concerns. We will try to be as accessible as possible for all customers although this could be limited in some cases due to the outdoor and rugged nature of our coastline. If we can reduce barriers to you attending by having a more flexible program, we will. If you require extra support from an extra member of staff this may involve an additional charge but we will try to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Are all activities compulsory?
No! We want you to leave feeling good so all activities are optional. Join in as you choose. *

What should I wear in the water?
Whatever you choose! Most people will brave it in swimwear, but some find a wetsuit helps them get in & enjoy the water more. Some people wear a tshirt &/or shorts or a rash vest over swimwear to make them feel more comfortable (however this does not help keep you warm as they have no thermal properties). Please ask for more information if you are thinking of buying anything specifically. We can advise on what’s best value.

What should I wear for breathwork/yoga?
Comfortable & loose fitting clothes suitable for the weather. Some people like to wear sports leggings but these may be tricky to get back on after a swim so bear that in mind. A warm hoodie/jumper in case you feel cool.

Can I bring my DryRobe?
Yes! Please do! They’re great for on the beach. However if we’re walking to a venue, you will need to be able to pack a lighter & easier to carry windproof/waterproof so please bring one of these too.

Do I need to buy any equipment?
No! You will need a swim float, a yoga mat, a flask/hot drinks cup and a woolly hat. If you don’t have these you can buy these items from our online shop beforehand or from us directly over the weekend. More details on this when you book.
We will provide snorkels & masks if we run this optional add on during a swim session but you can bring your own if you like.
DryRobes or similar are great but a waterproof/windproof jacket works well too.
Please ask for more information if you are thinking of buying anything specifically. We can advise on what’s best value.

I have allergies/dietary requirements/am GF/Veggie/Vegan. Can you cater for me?
Yes! Although we need to know well in advance. Please get in touch as soon as you have booked.

How will I find the venues we are meeting at?
We will give the address & postcode, a google maps link and directions prior to each session. If you are unsure, you may be able to travel in convoy with us/others or even lift share. (Any lift sharing need to be organised by you but it is something we can chat about at our meet & greet).

*We do have group safety guidelines you will have to adhere to if you choose not to do our set activity.

Phone: Tel 07494 155 762

Email: Info@wildswim.wales

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