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A coastal boat adventure with guided deep water swims/dips.

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Coastal Wild Swim Boat Trips – A 3hr or 2hr coastal including swim adventures exploring caves & arches, sheltered nooks & hidden beaches.

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Havens Boat Trips to provide this wonderful experience.

Trip Details – After getting you & your kit safely onto the boat we will take a leisurely ride around the coastline to find the most sheltered & beautiful places for you to swim. You may get in and out at each swim spot as and when you choose. The boat will go from either Milford Haven or Broad Haven. Full details 24hrs prior to trip.

Swims – During our Coastal Wild Swim Boat Trip (3hrs) we will choose 2-3 swim spots. On the mini 2hr trip there will be 1 swim. At each of our swim spots you may choose to swim at a slow pace and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings with your head above the water, or use a snorkel & mask to take a peek at the amazing underwater world or get some distance covered with a heads down front crawl swim.
You could even do a combination of all of these.

Wildlife – The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park has some of the most unspoilt and spectacular coastal scenery in the UK. It is an area rich in wildlife and is designated as being internationally and nationally important for marine habitats and species. The Pembrokeshire Marine Codes are there to preserve and protect the marine wildlife that makes the Pembrokeshire coastline so special. We follow these codes on all of our trips and will share how to view and enjoy being surrounded in this beautiful setting with respect and care.

Weather – these trips need fairly calm conditions. You will meet the boat in either Milford Haven or Broad Haven and exact itinerary will be chosen on the day. If the sea is too rough for our trip, you may choose to rebook another date, have credit on your account to use on one of our other swims or get a refund. This choice is yours. However if you ask for a refund to your card, there is a small charge of 2.5% made by our payment system that can’t be refunded.

Ability – You need to have a certain level of physical fitness and swim ability for this trip. The swims will all be in deep water. Our boat is a 7.55m inflatable RIB as in the photo above. You have to be able to lower yourself into the water over the side of the boat and climb out using the ladder at the back. It’s not particularly hard and most people can quite easily manage it. You need to be completely confident in deep water, although you don’t have to swim very far if you choose not to. You must be able to swim confidently without any buoyancy aids.


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Check out this little video to see what our trips look like

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  • Saturday 27th July 6pm - mini 2hr trip
  • Sunday 28th July 1.30pm - full 3hr trip & 6pm mini 2hr trip
  • Sunday 11th August - 9am & 1.30pm full 3hr trip, 6pm mini 2hr trip
  • Saturday 17th August- 9am & 1.30pm full 3hr trip, 6pm mini 2hr trip
  • Friday 23rd August - 9am & 1.30pm full 3hr trip, 6pm mini 2hr trip
  • Thursday 29th August- 9am & 1.30pm full 3hr trip, 6pm mini 2hr trip


Where: We join the boat at either Mackerel Quay, Milford Haven Marina or Broad Haven Beach. Our exact venue will be chosen the day before your trip.

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Phone: Tel 07494 155 762


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